Frequently asked questions I have received while campaigning...

1. Why did I not join the Green party ?

Even if I had joined the Green party and won, our laws are created by a majority of votes. This is how our government system works in Canada. One extra vote would not have made much of a difference regardless of which Party I belonged to. As a result, I needed to come up with an idea to by-pass the Legislature to get this idea to roll out, and so suing the government and bringing this issue to court is the only option left.

2. You do not need to run for government in order to sue them. So why run for government to sue the government ?

It's true that a person doesn't need to be part of government in order to sue them. However, it would take a lot of money to do so, and media coverage would also help. If this campaign succeeds, it will create headlines. The media, general public, lawyers, and environmentalists will likely join the movement. This will assist in obtaining the media coverage. Also, lawyers sometimes accept court cases on a pro bono (free) basis for cases they heavily believe in, and a GoFundMe (fundraising) campaign will be started. This will assist in obtaining the finances.

3. Has there ever been anyone who has sued the government in order to force them to put more tougher environmental laws into place ?

"Climate action lawsuits against governments and corporations have spread across 28 countries, according to a new analysis. The study reveals that more than 1,300 legal actions concerning climate change have been brought since 1990."

"People and environmental groups are forcing governments and companies into court for failing to act on climate change, and not just in the US. The number of countries in which people are taking climate change court action is likely to continue to rise.” 

Source:  https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jul/04/governments-and-firms-28-countries-sued-climate-crisis-report

There was also a group of Columbians who successfully sued their government to act on climate.

Source: https://psmag.com/environment/young-colombians-sued-their-government-to-act-on-climate

4. There are many other issues that you're not talking about on this campaign. What about other issues other than the environment ?

It's true that government policies affect our lives in many other ways and not just with the environment. However, regardless of which Party forms government, that Party will create policies and laws they believe in. I could have created a more extensive platform which addressed several issues. However even if I had, one extra voice in the Legislature will not make much of a difference since the Party that will form the government will have enough members elected to move forward with any agenda they have. Rest assured though, I will support the social policies that people need to live comfortably and safely such as: affordable housing, healthcare, public transit, supports for families and individuals (seniors, working class, and students), a total ban on ALL guns throughout the entire country (INCLUDING handguns) unless you work in a security job, etc...

5. What makes your platform better than the major parties with regards to the environment ?

The Liberals spend much of their time talking about the Carbon Tax which does not prevent companies from polluting our planet. It merely forces them to pay a fee to do so. When companies make millions of dollars, then paying a small fee will not make a meaningful difference in reducing emissions.

The Conservatives spend most of their time talking about how much we need to support Canadian oil and about cancelling the carbon tax, and almost no time talking about meaningful environmental policies.

The NDP's website states that by 2040 all new automotive sales will be zero emissions. This is over 20 years away and so it doesn't come soon enough. In addition, the NDP will give veto powers to provinces with regards to infrastructure within their borders so if a province wishes to build a pipeline  then they can. This is wrong!

The Green party has historically achieved very few votes, and so hoping they will form government is very unlikely.

Regardless of which Party wins this election, having a lawsuit move forward will only strengthen any environmental policies put forward by any Party.

This is why this lawsuit is the only option we have left.

6. Is suing the government the right approach ?

History has shown us that our governments have failed to take climate change seriously. The time for debate was over decades ago and yet our governments continue to ignore the most critical issue facing our planet. We can't wait around any longer. We must act now!

7. Won't this lawsuit take many years to come to trial ?

The Provincial government of Ontario under Doug Ford has already brought their case to trial within their first year in government when they attempted (but failed) to stop the Federal government from imposing the Carbon Tax. This shows us that if a court determines that an issue is of great importance, then it can be heard quickly.

However, before this lawsuit is heard in court, we will have public consultations about what policies we need to impose, and a final attempt will be made in the Legislature to try and convince the Government to create stronger environmental laws. If the government refuses, then the steps needed to bring this case to court will begin.