Examples of effective government environmental policies.

There are many, but here are just some examples:

  • Force a mandate on all car manufactures to have 20% of all vehicles sold to be fully electric. This mandate must begin within two years and the percentage will increase to eventually become 100% within eight years! (Many of these vehicles already exist and are being sold in California, Norway, China, etc...).
  • In order to support the transition to fully electric vehicles, the government must mandate and assist with the installation of fast charging stations for personal, commercial, and public transit vehicles. This can be accelerated by mandating all gas stations to have at least two fast charging stations at each of their locations assuming a gas station has six or more stalls for fueling gasoline cars. This will be in addition to the separate fast charging stations which will also be installed at various locations all around the country.
  • A federal rebate of $10,000 off the purchase price of a fully electric vehicle assuming that electric vehicle has at least 300 km of range, fast charging, and its price before incentives is a maximum of $40,000 CDN. This would bring the price down to $30,000 after incentives (or less for provinces who already have provincial rebates already in place.)
  • Factories must begin to reduce current emissions and transition to renewable energy with the assistance of the government. This includes creating a government funded task-force of expert personnel to assist private companies to re-engineer their facilities to be environmentally responsible.
  • Shopping Centres, private stores, grocery stores, and restaurants must phase out single use plastics.
  • A government assisted pilot project must be created to educate and provide home owners with rebates for installing renewable energy products such as solar panels, etc...
  • Invest heavily in research and development of technological advancements to assist with the transition to renewable energy.
  • And much much more...