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Toronto - Danforth Debate

The United Nations Report

 According to a report issued through the United Nations, we have less than 12 years to significantly reduce our drastic emissions to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

A National Handgun Ban

There are more shootings in Toronto from handguns than from any other type of gun. A handgun ban is needed throughout ALL of Caanda. The NDP however do not support this.

No Lawn Signs

This is the ONLY INDEPENDENT campaign running in the Toronto - Danforth area. As a result of limited funds, we are focusing on online advertising and brochures .

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 If you support this campaign like so many already do, send in a message and let us know your thoughts.


This is an Independent campaign and we depend on your financial support to help pay for brochures.and online advertising.


A few frequently asked questions have been asked and they have been included here for you to read.

Examples of effective environmental policies that can be implemented.

 There are many governmental policies that be implemented to assist with keeping our planet healthy. 

A bold plan to keep our planet safe and healthy!

Our future depends on a safe and healthy planet. So we're taking the government to court to save it!


     My name is John Kladitis and I'm the INDEPENDENT candidate running in the upcoming 2019 Federal Election in the Toronto - Danforth district. I'm running because it appears we're heading for another Liberal or Conservative government and our planet is too important to let it be destroyed by their inaction on effective environmental policies to keep it healthy.

   The only major Party which has an effective plan for our planet's survival is the Green party, however historically the Green party receives very few votes. In addition, the NDP's climate plan is not as good as many of you have been led to believe. According to the CBC article posted on: 

the NDP would give provinces veto power over projects such as pipelines. So if a province wanted to move forward with pipelines within their jurisdiction, then the NDP would let them. This is clearly wrong, so I've come up with a detailed plan to save our planet by suing the government to force them to put effective laws and policies in place throughout ALL of Canada in order to keep our planet as healthy as possible. Suing the government to protect the planet has been successfully attempted in other parts of the world, and there is also a group of people trying to attempt this right now in the U.S.

     According to a report released by the United Nations, we have less than 12 years to drastically reduce the amount of emissions we are releasing into our atmosphere, otherwise we will cause irreversible damage to our planet. We will see drastic rises in temperatures and increasing floods. Parts of the world will also become unlivable.

     It's true that a person doesn't need to be part of government in order to sue them. However, it would require a lot of money and media coverage would also help. If this campaign succeeds, it will create headlines. The media, general public, lawyers, and environmentalists will likely join the movement. This will assist in obtaining the media coverage we want. Also, lawyers sometimes accept court cases on a pro bono (free) basis for cases they truly believe in. A GoFundMe (fundraising) campaign will also be started. This will assist in obtaining the finances we need.

     If I had joined the Green Party, having one extra person on the Green Party would not have made a meaningful difference since our laws are created by a majority of votes and the Greens historically have received very few votes. So a plan was needed to by-pass the Legislature in order to put this plan into motion. After speaking with several people, it was determined that suing the government was the only option left!

     If you have a political Party you are planning on voting for in the Toronto - Danforth district, I'm asking you to reconsider. There are 338 seats available when forming the Federal Government of Canada. So regardless of who wins the seat for Toronto – Danforth, it will not make a meaningful difference on deciding which Party will form the Federal Government of Canada since it's only one seat out of 338. However, all it takes is one person (or one large group of people) to bring a lawsuit forward. This lawsuit may take the form of a class-action lawsuit, supported with media coverage and the financial resources to back it up. The goal of this lawsuit is to win a judgement in court to force the government to put tougher laws in place to keep our planet as healthy as possible.

     Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, strangers, and anyone you can think of. Help get the word out. Vote KLADITIS, John – INDEPENDENT.  Sue Government Save Planet. Thank-you!

Independent John Kladitis at recent debate fighting for all people regardless of Party affiliation!
Independent John Kladitis at recent debate fighting for all people regardless of Party affiliation!